Animal Feed

We are proud to carry a complete line of Blue Seal Feed products! We have plenty of feed options for horses, cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, goats, alpacas/llamas, and rabbits. For over 140 years, Blue Seal Feeds has been a reliable source for quality feed for all of your animal’s needs. Their mission is to “develop, manufacture, and market superior nutritional products and services that improve animal performance, health, and wellbeing.” ENTRUST pet feeds that have tasty flavors like Pork/Barley and Chicken/Barley. Pet Stages: Puppy to Senior AND Active to Weight Control. Amherst Farmers Supply has the infamous Original/ Assorted/Mini BISCUITS. Finally the CLASSIC dog feeds: Kat Krunchies, Dog Krunchies, and Natural 26.

SENTINEL – feeds that are pressure cooked to help with your horses digestive needs.

Founded in 1989 by Rob Daugherty, Triple Crown Nutrition has prided themselves on their customer service and superior feed options. With both pelleted and textured feeds available, they offer a line-up of feed to suit the needs of every horse in your barn. Their EquiMix Technology boasts prebiotics, probiotics, organic minerals & digestive enzymes. They also have four chopped forages available, a line-up of Triple Crown Naturals, as well as a few supplements available.

We also carry select Purina feed products. Purina Mills is committed to “feeding greatness.” For over 120 years, Purina has practiced “quality assurance,” making sure that their feed is consistent and up to the highest quality standards. We have feed for competing horse to “gastric care” products.

Green Mountain Feeds, located in Bethel, VT, has been manufacturing certified organic feeds since 1997. They use only the highest quality organic ingredients available and their entire product line is “free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, GMO’s, animal by-products and animal protein products.” They offer a line-up of feed for chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, and cows. They also have NON-GMO and SOY-FREE for chickens.

Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition has a diet for every exotic animal out there, from birds, to reptiles and mini pigs. Their mission is “to ensure the animals you care for – and care about – reach their full potential with the best nutrition in the world.”

If there is a specific product you would like we’d be happy to order it!